Recently I’ve had the privilege to photograph for two very different businesses. The first being GTS (Gibson Technical Services). I was recently brought in to do the company’s headshots for their new website soon to be done. GTS has been around since 1990 working in the cable industry but has since stretched their wings. They provide technology services and equipment in the areas of broadband engineering, construction and certification, Telecom infrastructure design along with many other services. The company’s capabilities rang from initial design to providing ongoing maintenance. In short they provide wide variety of services and skills. The second Business I want to mention is Fashion Cupcake quite the opposite of GTS. They are a women’s clothing boutique located in downtown Woodstock. We recently did a few pictures of their soy candle that they sell in store or online. http://shopfashioncupcake.comThese candles are fantastic according to my wife. After the candle has been burning for a while the wax can be used for hand moisturizer. When we shot the candle we really wanted to shoot these candles in a natural environment giving them the feel of home. And after a while of setting up the shoot we had what we wanted. Anyways I won’t mention too much about them right now as I plan to write a blog on the store and founder later on.

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